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    Petit message afin d’agiter un peu le thermomètre ! C’est encore HOT !

    Depuis quelques jours, on voit des gros leaders et de gros investissement arriver, du genre des mecs qui prennent entre 40 et 200 packs à 50$.
    Sachant qu’un pack à 50$ expire en 60jours, vous pouvez vois dire que vos packs à 10$ ont largement le temps d’expirer (44jours) , même si vous les rachetez que maintenant.
    Je dirais donc que TATS a encore de beaux jours devant lui,
    Personnellement, je suis toujours en repurchase, mais j’ai décidé de « migrer » mes actifs de payza vers bitcoin, car payza me fait légèrement galérer en ce moment…
    Donc, 44 jours de repurchase afin de « transférer » ces fonds actifs vers bitcoin.
    Je planche sur encore au moins 3 bons mois de vie en pleine santé sur ce programme, avant une éventuelle décrépitude qui se fera ressentir progressivement, à ce moment là, je viendrais vous donner mon sentiment !

    Je me maintiens à environ 100packs de 10$ soit un bénef de 20$ daily.

    A noter aussi que dans la matrice TATA ( TheAdsTeamAcademy ) les membres ont une repurchase balance de 50% de leurs gains, ce qui augmente considérablement les fonds instantanés disponible sur tats…
    étant donné le coût important des niveaux supérieurs dans la matrice, ça fait pas mal de fonds « latent » susceptibles d’être utilisés sur tat’s 😉 en d’autres termes, une autre « source » de revenue pour le site.



    Je fais le même constat que toi. Beaucoup de gros leaders ont rejoint le programme dernièrement ce qui montre la bonne santé de TAT.

    Je repris le repurchase. 🙂



    ​New Features in TAT:

    Launched in October 2016 with a concept and a vision of making this industry better and today with the help of all of you we are standing strong at more than 75,000 users worldwide. Members base increasing at 400-600 members per day and sales are going strong.
    We wanted to make a change in the industry by building a Solid Long-Term platform and we are very proud to say that we have achieved it. TAT is one of the best in the industry and now its time to take TAT to a whole new level and make it the best in the industry.
    In order for us to achieve it we need to innovate, anticipate and plan for next 1-2 years right now. We have been in discussions with our consultants, Leaders and industry experts on different options of how to achieve our long-term goals. We were presented with few recommendations and suggestions, we analyzed them and are now ready to implement these new features which we all believe that will not only make this company the best in the industry but also make this platform long term and stable which people can promote with full confidence.

    Following new features will be implemented in coming few days;

    1- Unlimited Withdrawals on Commissions:
    You will be able to withdraw your commissions on all new purchases happening in your Level 1 & Level 2 with no daily limit.
    Note: You need to have minimum 10 packs ($50 packs) to benefit from this feature.
    This feature will help Team builders to benefit even more from the program. People will never stop promoting the plan and company will keep on growing at a fast pace. We do not want a situation where all our top promoters have maxed out and lost interest in promoting because it does not make any financial sense to them. We do not want them stop encouraging, motivating and guiding people on the platform. With this new feature we will never have this scenario and Leaders and promoters will always be promoting and pushing this program which is a really powerful news.

    2- Commission Levels:
    Commission on Fresh sales will be paid on 2 levels. 8% on Level 1 & 2% on Level 2.
    Repurchase will be only paid on 1 level i.e, 8%.
    It makes more sense for business, less burden on our system and will bring our company in line with the standard industry practice.

    3- Withdrawal Limits:
    You will be able to withdraw maximum 2 times of your own purchases. Once you have withdrawn 2 times your purchase, your Adpacks will be paused (not made 0 or frozen, there is big difference). As soon as you make a new purchases using your processor or using commissions from Fresh sales, all the Adpacks including new and paused will start giving you revenue share again and you will be able to withdraw 2 times of that purchase. Lets look at 3 scenarios to understand how it will work;

    a) Lets say You start with $1000 (20 Adpacks) with no Team and kept on building your account to a certain level and then started withdrawing untill you have withdrawn $2000. Your remaining Adpacks will be paused. Lets say you buy another $500 worth of Adpacks, now all your packs including the new ones and paused ones will start giving your revenue share and you can start withdrawing again and repeat the process.
    b) Lets say you have already withdrawn 2 Times your purchase amount, in this case your Adpacks will be paused, you can either buy new packs using processor or get New Sales commissions from downline to buy new packs and start withdrawing again.

    This new feature combined with existing Leadership position withdrawal Limits will help you make more than what you are making right now. All your team will be making new purchases and you will keep on making new sales commissions. Sky is the Limit.

    4- Processor Fees:
    a) We managed to get 1% reductions on purchased made with Payza because of our excellent track record with them. New fees will be reduced from 4.99% to 3.99%.
    b) There will be 2% fees on purchases made via BTC to cover the costs and fluctuations in daily price.

    Our programmers are working on these features and we will let all of you know when we are ready to implement this.

    Dont forget to watch our updates video;

    TheAdsTEAM Project



    heureusement que c’est 2 fois les achats et non les dépots sinon c t fin réglé pour bibi :p



    ​TheAdsTEAM New Features;

    All our exciting new features have been implemented and I must say that everyone is loving it. The kind of support, appreciation and good words we have received from members and industry leaders are truly amazing. These new features will make TheAdsTEAM not only Stable and long term but will also make us THE BEST platform in the industry.

    Here is another look at the new features which went live on 11th April;

    1- Withdrawal Limit:
    You will be able to withdraw maximum 2 times of the amount of services you have purchased. You can increase this withdrawal limit buy making purchase through payment processor or using your Leaders commission (commission earned from new purchases on you Level 1 & 2).
    Different teams are working with different strategy, what is yours?

    2- Unlimited Withdrawal on Leaders Commissions:
    You can withdraw commissions from new purchases happening on your Level 1 & 2without any Limit. This is huge and members are already loving it.

    3- Team Building Commissions:
    New Purchases will give you 8% commission on your Level 1 & 2% on Level 2.You can either withdraw this commission (No limits) or use it to buy AdPacks and increase your withdrawal limit by 2 times.
    8% commission will be paid on repurchases and it can only be used to purchase new AdPacks.

    4- Rewards Earnings will be distributed every 2 hours. There has been few glitches with earnings cronjob, our developers are working to make it as smooth as possible. If your earnings are not getting updated on time then do not need to worry because it catches up after sometime.
    Note: Rewards Earnings are not guaranteed and it all depends upon sales.

    5- Account Figures not showing correct:
    Please raise a support ticket if you think that your account figures are not showing correct AdPack purchase amount. Our support will sort it out for you.

    6- Payza & BTC Processing Fess:
    We have managed to get 1% discount on our fees from Payza which we are passing on to our members. Purchases made though Payza will only incur 3.99% fees (it was 4.99% before).
    There will be 2% fees on purchases made using Bitcoins. This is to cover the price fluctuation and admin costs.

    7- Transfer of Leadership commission from one processor to another is being worked at. Customization will take couple of weeks to complete.

    8- We have disabled Add Funds option permanently because it was creating error with withdrawal Limits when people were mixing it with other balances. You can make purchase directly using your processor.

    Keep on rocking!!

    THeAdsTEAM Project

5 sujets de 181 à 185 (sur un total de 185)

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